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Las Vegas Reviews of well known attractions to overlooked hidden gems from locals perspective. Chiefly, offering regular highlights on restaurants, bars, shops. As well as our various sights, trails and excursions. As a result, we continue to let you know where to go. In addition, where to avoid. That is, locals showing why Las Vegas is an extraordinary city! You can always trust Las Vegas Locals Reviews.

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Why Las Vegas Reviews?

Most importantly, we can highlight Las Vegas and the surrounding area. This gives us a reason to get out and explore. There is far more to Las Vegas than just the Las Vegas Casinos and The Strip. Trust me, even though I am not a gambler, I appreciate the casinos. In contrast to the other review sites, we present the locals perspective.

Not with standing, we strive to keep the content fresh and revamping. Secondly, to provide a different experience you otherwise would not get. For example, I consult my friends who have been here over twenty five years and they give me their favorites spots that are well established and survive the test of time.

In Fact, We hope to create a the go to review resource for locals perspective with honest reviews. For this purpose we will always continue to venture out and explore and experience this fantastic Las Vegas Valley has to offer.

Finally, I want to give credit to LasVegasWeekly, they provide valuable information. If you want additional information please visit our Welcome page.


In the end, this site continues to grow. We are growing at a rapid pace. Return back often to see new and exciting things to do. Remember to tell your friends about Las Vegas Locals Reviews.

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LasVegasLocalsReviews is built and maintained by local Las Vegas people. We concentrate on Las Vegas and the surrounding areas only.


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