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Las Vegas Locals Reviews is reviewing well known attractions to overlooked hidden gems.  Offering regular highlights on restaurants, bars, shops, as well as our various sights, trails and excursions.  As a result,  we continue to let you know where to go and where to avoid.  Locals showing why Las Vegas is an extraordinary city!

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Las Vegas Locals Reviews

Beginning in 2023, we are the largest local resource on this topic. Giving insight to what locals do in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Because of this, we can provide better insight to what you should really be doing while in Las Vegas area. Undoubtedly We have found something you are looking for.

First thing to remember, the staff of Las Vegas Locals Reviews is comprised of local foodies, adventurers, and other eclectic people. We start with a discussion of our own experience at a local establishments or excursions. Feel free to add your own Las Vegas reviews or Las Vegas experiences.

Additionally, we build on many years experience and the knowledge that is passed from local to local. Earlier, I use to travel to Las Vegas all the time prior to moving here. Later, since I have lived here for longer period of time have I learned the true “Las Vegas Experience”. In fact, I really enjoy going out and finding all the best spots.

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Furthermore, The staff is always challenged with finding all of the best spots. Typically, these are the spots that are overlooked by most.   We have the time to find the local gems.  We have long time experiences with Las Vegas and collecting a lot of tidbits. To that end, we are the ultimate resource.

Granted, I do use other resources. For example, the LasVegasWeekly comes out ever Thursday and gives a run down of the weekend events. You can find it online and still old fashion magazine. I use it to plan my weekends. In addition, you can take advantage of this because it is free.


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