Amazing Beer Crawl In Arts District is Awesome

Beer Crawl Hop Nuts
Beer Crawl Hop Nuts

Beer Crawl Arts District Las Vegas is a excellent chance to do a beer tasting all withing one mile of each other.

Specifically, I always start at Main Street and Charleston Blvd.  Heading south on Main Street you will have the chance to taste local food and most importantly, taste local beer.

For example, there are two great food spots you may want to stop at before you take your beer journey.   That is, you can try Makers and Finders or Esthers Kitchen.  In addition, at the end of drinking, you can even try Viva Las Arepas.

Beer Crawl suggested order:

  1. Hop Nuts Brewing – 1120 S Main
  2. CraftHaus Arts District CHAD – 197 E California
  3. HUDL Brewing Company – 1327 S Main
  4. Nevada Brew Works – 1327 S Main
  5. The Silver Stamp – 222 E Imperial
  6. Atomic Tavern – 1402 S 3rd
  7. VooDoo Brew Pub – 1415 S Commerce
  8. Able Baker Brewing – 1510 S Main
1 Hop Nuts Brewing

Hop Nuts Brewing

Hop Nuts Brewing is a fun place to visit. Serving up local beer in the Arts district. Check out the Harry Porter. I enjoyed it. Definitely worth visiting.
2 CraftHaus

CraftHaus Arts District CHAD

CraftHaus Arts District CHAD is a great spot to grab a beer. Great beer and cool atmosphere. I highly recommend visiting.
3 HUDL Brewing Company

HUDL Brewing Company

HUDL Brewing Company is another local Vegas brewery. I enjoyed the Hummingbird Red Ale. Big selection. I recommend you stop by and try a taste. Its fun!
4 Nevada Brew Works

Nevada Brew Works

Nevada Brew Works has some good beers to go along with the food they serve up. I enjoyed the Koisch. Try theVanilla Imperial Stout too.
5 The Silver Stamp

The Silver Stamp

The Silver Stamp is local bar where everyone can have a beer with them. I enjoyed my Ayinger. Plenty of seating with a bar decor.
6 Atomic Tavern

Atomic Tavern

Atomic Tavern is a Atomic Liquors spin off. They have a bar with gaming. Plenty of tables with seating and serving a full bar options. 18b.
7 VooDoo Brew Pub

VooDoo Brew Pub

VooDoo Brew Pub is a Pennsylvania brewery. The beer is good. Its off of Main Street. Be sure to stop by for a beer. I have fun and plan to return.
8 Able Baker Brewing Company

Able Baker Brewing

Able Baker Brewing is another Arts District brewery making good beer. They have large selection of beer and plenty of seating. They even have a kitchen.

Great Beer Crawl.

In Conclusion, you should try the Beer Craw In Arts District.  You can go on First Friday.

Lastly, you can visit the First Friday Foundation site.

Beer Crawl Able Baker
Beer Crawl Able Baker

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