Lion Habitat Ranch

Lion Habitat Ranch is a great place to spend a day. Visit all the lions and Ozzie the Giraffe. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable.
Lion Habitat Ranch

Lion Habitat Ranch was founded in 1989 and is a great place to spend a day. All the amazing lions and Ozzie the giraffe and other animals are great. This is a nonprofit organization. A lot of the funds are earned through different tours and educational events. It is located in the south near the M Resort. The entrance is by the white gate on Bruner Ave ( 382 Bruner Ave, Henderson, NV 89044 ).

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Lion Habitat Ranch

Lion Habitat Ranch is a great place to visit and see lions and Ozzie the Giraffe. Great experience.

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  • Friendly Staff
  • Good Cause
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The lion habitat ranch is the retirement home for the lions you would have previously seen at the MGM exhibit. The exhibit closed in 2012. Lion habitat opened so these beautiful lions could continue to be seen and appreciated by the public. It is a refuge for rescues, pet surrenders, or animals in need of a peaceful place to live out their lives. Due to the staff here, they are very dedicated to their passions. The entire site was well kept. Each and every animal there seemed very happy and content with their situation. I expect that the great conditions were all because of the staffs efforts.


To demonstrate Lions: The lions are Barbary lions and South African lions. These magnificent big cats, with their impressive manes, powerful legs, and sharp teeth, find rest at the Ranch. Their social structure revolves around prides, which can include up to 30 individuals. Lionesses, lead the pride in hunting large herbivores like zebras and wildebeests. Meanwhile, the males protect the territory and cubs from rival males and other threats. There are almost two dozen lions living at the ranch.


For instance Birds: The Ranch hosts various avian residents, adding color and song to the landscape. There are plenty of Parrots to check out that are located between the lions. Our emus and ostriches were rescues, formerly kept as pets or came from another zoo. Therefore, Ostriches and Emu are the largest and second largest birds in the world.

Tortoises: They also have 2 tortoises. The tortoise are about 100 and 150 pounds each. Sulcata tortoises can live to be 80-100 years old, and they estimate their to be around 25 years old.


Giraffe: Even though its a “lion habitat” I believe Ozzie is the star of the site. He is a 9-year-old male Reticulated Giraffe and was born at Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Wichita, Kansas. He came to Lion Habitat Ranch when he was just 8 months old and 8 feet tall, making him the first and still only giraffe in the entire state of Nevada! Ozzie is a painting giraffe and does 4 painting demonstrations each day. Furthermore, Ozzie can spend 20 hours eating up to 60-80 pounds every single day! Specifically, giraffe’s tongues stick out 18 inches and are prehensile. He can wrap his big tongues around tree branches, stripping them of the leaves.

The Ranch

Specifically, the Ranch isn’t just about showcasing animals. It’s an educational hub. Visitors learn about the animals, their habitats, and the importance of conservation. By connecting people with wildlife, the Ranch inspires action to protect animals in the wild. Habitat Loss: Lions once roamed across Africa, Asia, and Europe, but their numbers have dwindled. Human encroachment, agricultural expansion, and climate change threaten their habitats. Poaching and Trophy Hunting: Illegal activities exacerbate the decline in lion populations. Poaching for lion bones and other body parts persists, driven by traditional medicine and ornaments. Disease and Climate Change: Lions face risks from diseases and changing ecosystems.

As an illustration, General Admission: Visitors can witness the lions presence and interact with other animals. There is not much interaction going on. These creatures sleep up to 20 hours a day. There is also the Feast with the Beasts: A unique dining experience surrounded by wildlife. In fact the best is the Behind the Scenes Tours: Book in advance for an exclusive peek into the Ranch’s operations. This is the tour I took. By far the best way to check out the place. Above all, our guide Emma was very friendly and knowledgeable. She stopped by all the creatures and explained everything about each and every one. She also encouraged the lions with meat treats.

Lion Habitat Ranch lions

In summary, the Lion Habitat Ranch is a great place to visit. Specifically, you can gain a appreciation of the vital link in the chain of conservation efforts they do. You can understand the resilience of these animals and gain a deeper understanding of their plight. By visiting you are helping in their cause. Lastly, more information, visit the Lion Habitat Ranch site.

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