Mob Museum Fascinating Risky Criminal World

Mob Museum is a great place to visit. There is a lot of criminal and Vegas history here. You can spend hours here. Speak Easy in the basement.
Mob Museum

Mob Museum is a must visit spot if you are in Vegas. Alternative from all the gambling. For example, there is a lot of criminal history mixed with Las Vegas history. The building itself is part of the history. Located downtown across from the Downtown Grand ( 300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101 ).

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Mob Museum

Mob Museum is a accredited museum where the building itself is part of the exhibit. There are lots of items here to check out. Dont forget about the Speak Easy in the basement.

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Mob Museum building

To demonstrate, the building which opened in 1933, was the first Post Office and Courthouse in Las Vegas. Later on November 15, 1950, the Kefauver Committee conducted hearing in the courtroom as part of the investigation of organized crime. Currently It is now part of the nationally accredited Mob museum. Importantly, there are always deals on tickets offered. They even have free day.

To demonstrate, there are Four floors to the museum. You start the tour upstairs on the third floor. Birth of the Mob consists of The Line Up, St Valentines, and Goodman Room. Following, the second floor, Mob on the Rise, has the Histgoric Courtroom, Vintage Las Vegas, and Concessions. Next, First floor, Mob on the Run, is the entrance, Crime Lab, Firearm simulator, and museum store. That is, ending In the basement is the Underground Speak Easy with a distillery.

For example, on the top floor you can get a Line Up photo or check out the St Valentines Wall.

There is also some souvenirs from Hoover Dam. There is also the discussion of Prohibition. You can see the tools for the Police at the time too.

To demonstrate, there is mention of William Flynn and Calvin Goddard. Additionally, the Weapons that were used. For instance, they even have Al Capone revolver. Most importantly, you cant leave the third floor without sitting in the Electric Chair.

Al Capone revolver

As an illustration, the second floor has the Historic Courtroom. To explain, this is where the where Senator Kefauver interviewed witnesses about organized crime involvement Las Vegas casino business. In like manner, there is more Vegas history here to. Howard Hughes got his hotel start here when he did not want to leave. There is also a explanation of Skim Rooms. How cheaters tried to cheat the system.

The first floor is the entrance to the museum. You can still see the relic PO Boxes left over from the Post Office Days. Of course there are exhibits on this floor too. Additionally, you can learn about how the Teamsters got involved in the Mob. There is even a display on El Chapo escape.

Underground Speak Easy

Below, in the basement is the Underground Speakeasy and Distillery. Moreover, there are additional items on display too. Along with a real working bar and distillery. Therefore, you can even get a tour and tasting of the distillery. Surely if you are into distilleries this is a definite visit spot.

In conclusion, the Mob museum is a great place to visit. It tells the story of the rise of the Mob through Prohibition laws. Thus, there are a lot of things to see here. Easily, you can easily spend a couple hours here. To that end, enjoy the Speak Easy too. Lastly, more information on the Mob Museum site.

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