International Theater

International Theater at the Westgate is a small venue with 1500 seats. The stage, sound and lighting was impressive. I enjoyed the show.
International Theater

International Theater at the Westgate Resort has been entertaining for over 50 years. For instance, it holds slightly over 1500 seats with a second story balcony. There is always a show going on. This theater has seen it all. For example, from the past legend Elvis Presley “The King”. To the modern legend Barry Manilow. There is always a show going on here.

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International Theater

The International Theater at the Westgate Resort. I holds over 1500 people. A very rich past of performances. I enjoyed the small venue.

  • Good sounds
  • Small Venue
  • Big Names
  • No bathroom
  • Need better seats

The theater has over 1500 seats with a second story balcony. The vast majority of seat are stadium seating with cup holders. For example, my seat seemed very odd. It felt like a enormous person sat in it for fifty years and left a impression. In addition to the stadium seating, there is booth seating with a table.

They have a very nice concession stand. There is only one, but it is well staffed and the line kept moving. To demonstrate, they offered many different items. From popcorn and candy, to beer and mixed drinks. On the contrary, the theater has no restrooms. If anyone needs to use the facility, you are expected to leave the theater and go to the casino facilities. Even more, they even have a store attached to the theater.

The stage I found to be pretty impressive. The bank stage was able to expand and contract during the show. The were also able to push and pull in a piano. All the moving parts allowed for a continues show to be played. Notwithstanding, the sound system was very good and I could hear everything clearly. They even had a suspended platform to allow very close ups.

Barry Manilow

For example, the evening we went we saw Barry Manilow. The show was really good. The supporting band and singers were great too. Barry played all of his hit sounds. Even his famous sound “Mandy”. I will be the first to admit I am not a Barry Manilow fan. But I was very impressed with the show. I would highly recommend it to all.

Most importantly, I was extremely with Barry Manilow performance. He gave a good history lesson of his entire life and included the songs that made his career. Likewise, I even enjoyed the part where he shared that he was behind the two huge jingles “Band-Aid” and “State Farm”. All in all, considering Barry Manilow is over 80 he performed like a youngster. More information on Barry Manilow site.

International Theater finale

In conclusion, the International Theater is a good venue to see a show. I like the small size. Every seat has a good view of the stage. So regardless of who you may want to see, this theater will allow for a good time. Lastly, more information on the International Theater site.


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