Taqueria Mexican Grill

Taqueria Mexican Grill also known as Taqueria 2 Carnales. This place is known for its great food and good prices. You can get your Lengua fix here.
Taqueria Mexican Grill

Taqueria Mexican Grill is another local taco vendor. You may also know them as Taqueria 2 Carnales. They offer up good Mexican food. Located on Eastern across the street from Sunset Park (6883 S Eastern Ave #200, Las Vegas, NV 89119).

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Taqueria Mexican Grill

This Taqueria is serving up delicious Mexican food. They have friendly staff and a open clean atmosphere.

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For instance, the restaurant is big and has lots of lighting and seating. Firstly, you want to proceed up to the counter to place your order. Your order will be served up hot and fresh. Secondly, they have a big selection of items. For example, Birria, Bowls, Burritos, Especiales, Mulitas, Quesadilla, Sopes, and of course tacos. They even have Menudo on Saturday and Sunday. You can get some Churros for dessert too.

For example, this place is known for its great food and good prices. By the same token, the restaurant has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Likewise, the staff is always happy to help customers with any questions they may have. They are very patient and help with selecting something new. They even have a trailer. So keep a eye out for them across town.

To illustrate, the restaurant’s menu is made up of fresh, high-quality ingredients that are prepared daily. Of course you dont want forget to get some sides. They have a big selection of garnish. You can pick some limes, radish, cucumber, pickled carrots and peppers. They also have different sauces you can pick from.

Taqueria Mexican Grill food

To demonstrate, we ordered a bunch of tacos. The first batch was all pastor. The second batch was a assortment of different kinds. Specifically, they were Taco: Pastor, Asad, Arabe, Lengua. They were all good. It was about $14 for all four. Lengua is beef tongue. My Lengua taco was very good and tender. They offer Lengua on a lot of other dishes as a side.

In conclusion, Taqueria Mexican Grill is a good spot to grab a bite. It is very clean and the food is very good. Lastly, more information on Taqueria Mexican Grill site.


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