Petroglyph Trail

Petroglyph Trail is another example of a hidden gem. Archaeologist believe the more than 1,700 individual design elements 300 rock writing panels.
Petroglyph Trail

Petroglyph Trail is another example of a hidden gem. Not that many people are even aware of this trail. Archaeologist believe the more than 300 rock writing panels with 1,700 individual design elements were created by native cultures from the Archaic to historic era. Located at the southern end of Vegas, you will find the trail head at the end of Nawghaw Poa Road. (2998 Nawghaw Poa Rd, Henderson, NV 89044).

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Petroglyph Trail

Another great hidden gem. Containing more than 300 rock writing panels with 1,700 individual design elements.

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Most importantly, there is a sign on the trail head which asks are you ready? Similarly, Be prepared. Three liters of water, Shade area for break, Sun screen, Know your limit, no cell phone service. Not to mention, if you plan to do the entire loop you will have to climb up or down 6 dry waterfalls. Heat stroke is real! Yet, I found climbing the dry falls a little tough. But where there is a will, there is a way.

For example, the day I picked was a Wednesday and I headed out around 1pm at the end of September. That is, the temperature was about 95 degrees. Hiking the entire loop is about 4.2 miles (6.8 km). I was able to do the entire loop in about 2 hours. Starting out doing the Petroglyph trail and came back doing Cowboy trail. I preferred to climb up the dry falls rather than going down. Cowboy is the easiest way. I passed only two groups the entire time. One going out and another coming back.

Petroglyph Trail

Grandpa translated for me: “It’s fcking hot in this boring place, nothing to do but fck with the rocks and sht”. I have my doubts.

Nevertheless, if you want real facts you may want to visit the BLM site.

Notwithstanding, you can definitely take your time and scout around for all the different petroglyphs. I by far did not even see a fraction of them. I only took photos of the most obvious ones.

There are creatures out there. So pay attention. I did not come across any snakes, but you never know. Especially when you have lizards darting around.

Cowboy Trail

In similar fashion, at the top of Cowboy trail is a great view looking back into the valley. Moreover, the entire loop was very enjoyable. That is, I found it to be very manageable. If you are unable to do the dry falls you can always take Cowboy out and back. In fact, I found the petroglyphs located just south of the dry falls.

In conclusion, I found the Petroglyphs Trail a must do. Then again, it take about 3 hours if you take your time. You most certainly wont be disappointed. Regardless, there is lots to see. Another thing I found rewarding was how peaceful it was out there away from everything


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