Artistic Iron

Artistic Iron is located in Arts District. Family owned and in operation since 1971. From gates, doors, and home decor. A really cool place to check out.
Artistic Iron

Artistic Iron is a family owned business in operation since 1971. A very large galery showroom filled with everything you could ever think of. Chiefly, there is a team of over 40 skilled professionals that produce everything on site. One block away from Makers and Finders, Hop Nuts Brewing, and Esthers Kitchen. Located in the heart of the Arts District ( 105 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102 ).

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Artistic Iron

Artistic Iron located in the Arts District has been around since 1971. They have a huge showroom with lots of items. You will find something you like.

  • Slection
  • Huge Showroom
  • Arts District
  • Far from home

First off, you will not miss this place. For example, it has some very big dinosaurs out front. Everything from a gigantic Brachiosaurus, Trex, and even smaller ones. The parking lot is has many of the bigger examples they make.

In fact, as you enter you instantly are greeted with countless items. There are aliens, doors, plants, and even a huge giraffe.

Artistic Iron decor

Of course, you definitely will need some time to roam around checking out all the items they have. There are a lot of small items you can select from. In addition, many different color flowers and plants. Lots of items you can hang on a wall.

Besides all the wonderful artistic works. They even offer practical pieces. To illustrate, security doors to stair case railings.

Regardless of what you think, you can definitely appreciate the humor of the place. I know I will be purchasing a item or two to add to the back yard and wall.

Most importantly, everything is made on premises and the staff is very helpful. Be sure to stop by whenever you are in the Arts District. You never know what you might see. I especially like some of the items.

In conclusion, I highly recommend checking out Artistic Iron. You can always stop by on a First Friday. They have a huge show room with lots of items to look at. To clarify, if you are looking for a gate, fences, railings, or home decor check out this place. Lastly, more information on Artistic Iron site.


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