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Atomic Liquors

Atomic Liquors is the oldest bar downtown, established in 1952. Atomic Liquors has a great history. I always try to get a drink here whenever I am near by.

Coronado Cafe

Coronado Cafe is the 24 hour place to eat at South Point. Coronado Cafe has a large selection to choice from. Staple Cafe food, plus a Chinese menu too.


AmeriBrunch Cafe is my go to breakfast spot while downtown. The selection is big and is very tasty. I always enjoy whatever I order there.

Big Sur Oyster Bar

Big Sur Oyster Bar is my favorite restaurant in South Point by far. It is all about fish and of course Oysters. The food is good.

Locals Favorite
South Point Casino

South Point Casino and Spa is a locals favorite casino. It has a lot of amenities. Free parking. South Point has something from everyone.

Pinball Hall of Fame

Pinball Hall of Fame is one of my favorites.  Pinball Hall of Fame is a classic arcade concentrating on pinball machines.

Hoover Dam Lodge

The Hover Dam Lodge is a great place to stay. In very close proximity to Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Tillman Bridge and nearby trail heads.

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