M Pavilion

M Pavilion is located at the The M Resort. Seating capacity of 2,300. It is a low budget venue. Offering alternative shows.
M Pavilion

M Pavilion is located at the The M Resort. Chiefly, the pavilion is 92,000 square feet with a capacity of 2,300. It is what it sounds like, a low budget venue. Even so, I have been to several shows here. Another example of you get what you pay for.

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M Pavilion

M Pavilion is located at the The M Resort. Down stairs from the main floor of the casino.

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  • Narrow Chairs

Below the casino, the pavilion is down stairs from the main floor of the casino. Continue to follow the signs as if you were going pool side. There is a connector to the venue. In Fact, the chairs at the M Pavilion where extremely narrow. So narrow I was pinned in between the two guys next to me. This brings to mind sardine can. That is, the M provides full bar services and the pavilion has dedicated full facilities. Although, better seating with a little more room would be appreciated.

To demonstrate, the sound system is mediocre. That is, the evening I went they were having problems with their audio. The singer microphone sounded like it kept coming in and out. Secondly, the funny part is when the band asked for the lights to be dimmed or to light up the crowd it never happened. I am not sure who was responsible for the production, but it was lacking.

M Pavilion Show

For example, the evening I went the show was “The Rod Experience”. Specifically, The Rod Experience, starring Carmine Appice and Rick St.James will take you right back to the days of the legend himself. Rod Stewart and Carmine were close collaborators. Carmine said: “I miss playing those songs live.” So he recreated the classic Rod Stewart show. Lastly, you can find more info on the show at The Rod Experience. It was a good show despite the hiccups.

In addition, for more information on the M Pavilion site. Also, you can find the technical info on the M Pavilion structure and seating arrangements media release.

In conclusion, the M Pavilion is a good low budget venue. Offering concerts that will hold about 2000 people. Most shows are locals shows so this provides a chance to get out and see a concert at a reasonable price. Great for the budget with tickets starting at $20. Providing a opportunity for a good show.


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