Rakkan Ramen – Town Square

Rakkan Ramen has a big variety of soups. Plain or spicy. Clear or creamy broth. No matter the selection, it bound to be good. I always enjoy myself.
Rakkan Ramen

Rakkan Ramen – Town Square is a excellent place to get good soup. They have a big variety of soups to pick from. No matter what mood you are in. The selections can be plain or spicy. Clear or creamy broth. No matter the selection, it bound to be good. Rakkan can be found in the Town Square near the Yard House (6605 S Las Vegas Blvd b 137, Las Vegas, NV 89119).

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Rakkan Ramen

Rakkan Ramen has a big variety of soups to pick from. Plain or spicy. Clear or creamy broth. No matter the selection, it bound to be good.

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Earlier, Rakkan began as a small, 4-seater restaurant in Nishiazabu, Tokyo, in 2011. Founded by Ryohei Ito. Even though they started small, their motto has always been making real Japanese soul food on an international scale. In addition, they have won several awards over the years. Even received a top 100 among 50,000 ramen restaurants in Japan by “Hyakumeiten”. One of the most popular Japanese food review forums. Tabelog Japanese Restaurant Award #1 BEST RAMEN in 2012 among 725,000 restaurants in Japan. Their first overseas location was in Los Angeles.


The whole ramen concept is based on Dashi. Dashi is a traditional Japanese soup stock that is full of Umami. Umami, which brings out the best in each ingredient. Umami are five basic elements of taste (sweet, sour, bitter, umami, and salty). Rakkan believe that Umami is crucial essense for Japanese Ramen. Amp up the flavor with a dashi bomb, they slowly simmer the carefully chosen vegetables such as kombu to extract its rich flavors and lock in Umami. We don’t use meat nor seafood in our broth, making our stock 100% plant-based. It is combination of tasty Japanese broth and silky slim noodles that will allow you to discover another level of pleasure in your palate.


Specifically, Rakkans Umami Broth is made of Kombu (Kelp) Dashi Ingredient: Glutamate. Onion Ingredient: Quercetin. Donko Ingredient: Inosinate. Ginger Ingredient: Gingerol. Carrot Ingredient: Carotene. Garlic Ingredient: Allicin. RAKKAN does not use any fatty, high-calorie, meat-based broths like tonkotsu. Rather, Their soups are created from high-quality vegetables. Like mushrooms and seaweed as well as Rakkans very own fermented seasoning, enhancing the soup’s flavor bomb. Compared to other countries like the US, obesity rates in Japan are pretty low. Researchers believe that the root is Japan’s long-term consumption of fermented seasoning.

To Illustrate, the restaurant is long and relatively narrow. The space is divided into two sections. (The kitchen and dining areas). They have lots of table sitting in addition to a bar attached to the kitchen. This place keeps busy and seating availability is all about your timing. For instance, when we arrived the place was fairly empty. When we were done eating the place was full.

Rakkan Ramen soup

For example, Today we ate QUARTZ, Creamy Sauce Vegetable broth, grilled pork, green onion, bamboo shoots, seasoned egg with Rakkan noodles. Consequently, made with a specially blended creamy sauce. Their original recipe comes with a complex, rich and creamy flavor.

In addition, Rakkan Limited Special, Asian Spicy Ramen,Vegetable broth, grilled pork, onion, sesame seeds, garlic, bamboo shoots, seasoned egg*, thai chili, cilantro, lemon served with Rakkan noodles. Moreover, a nice refreshing cold Sapporo with a frosty glass.

In conclusion, if you are looking for excellent ramen that is healthy and tasty, head to Rakkan Ramen. Likewise, I even had Grandpa saying he actually liked his soup too. He never says that. Plus, I ate every drop of my ramen. I most certainly will return. This place is highly recommend for a healthy meal. Lastly, more information on Rakkan Ramen site.


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