Pinkbox Doughnuts at the Plaza Hotel

Pinkbox Doughnuts at the Plaza Hotel and Casino has a huge selection of sweet doughnuts. I always like stopping by and checking out the varieties.
PinkBox Doughnuts

Pinkbox Doughnuts at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. Pinkbox Doughnuts beckons visitors with its oversized, 3D doughnut adorned with twinkling sprinkles and a whimsical entrance. This place promises delightful indulgence for everyone. To put it another way, Who does not like a good doughnut? Its not hard to find, next to the Carousel Bar ( 1 N Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 ).

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Pinkbox Doughnuts

Located in the Plaza Hotel, they have a huge variety to pick from. From the fan favorite “Pinky” to holiday editions.

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  • Far from home

After all step inside, and you will find yourself surrounded by a custom illuminated glass doughnut display case. Most importantly, showcasing over 70 different varieties of doughnuts. From timeless classics to innovative creations. Pinkbox caters to every palate.

Pinkbox Doughnuts at the Plaza Hotel selection

They provide seasonal doughnuts. For example, for St Patricks Day they offer items such a Lucky Charms Bar, Pot O Gold, Green Clovers, Leprechaun Ring, Shamrock, and Minty. They even have a green Good Luck Bear.

Additionally, they have the classic types too. Starting with the old fashion glazed ring. They have many rings to pick from. Feelin Toasty coconut, Pink Rainbow, Maple old fashioned.

They have Good Fellas. For example Raspberry Squeeze, Tutti Frutti, Buttermilk Bar, and Not your Daddys Churro.

Additionally, they have a Fancy Pancy selection. To demonstrate, they have a Big Samoan, Cherry Bomb, Banana Puddin, and Vegas Cream.

For instance, they even have Show Offs. Starting with Sup Shorty, Mr BlueBerry, and my favorite Pinky the poo.

To illustrate Las Vegas, a city known for its glitz, glamour, and round-the-clock excitement, has a new star in its culinary constellation. There is even a VGK selection. The Hockey Puck, VGK, and Ice Rink.

Specifically, Pinkbox even provides a Vegan selection. You can visit Pinkbox site for the entire line up of doughnuts that are available.

In conclusion, next time you’re strolling along Fremont Street, let the oversized doughnut guide you into a world of sugary bliss. Pinkbox Doughnuts isnt just a bakery, it is a sprinkle covered haven where happiness comes in circular form! Lastly, more information check out Pinkbox Doughnuts site.


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